Sushma swaraj demands an apology from Amazon or visas wont be issued to amazon officials!

Indian external affair minister Sushma swaraj lashed out at an online E-Commerce retail seller Amazon and threatned them with dire consequences if they fail to apologize.

Sushma swaraj warned Amazon to take down all those products insulting our Indian flag or the visas granted to the amazon officials would be revoked.

This is one of the rare incident where a multinational company has been warned  on twitter.

Sushma swaraj directed the Indian high commission in Canada stating “This is unacceptable .Please take this up with Amazon at highest level”.

Amazon had an Indian flag as doormat on their retail website for sale .Which is an insult to our national flag, this has not gone down well with our Union external affair minister sushma swaraj and has created an outrage an anger among Indians too.

Canada Amazon has shocked Indians around the globe with the audacity to sell Indian flag as doormat.



This is extremely blood boiling and highly offensive . Amazon should be banned . We Indians need an apology from AMAZON CA.