Shocking ! Indian media agencies owned by foreigner’s. The reason behind Indian Paid Media being Leftist.

This article is an answer for all those pondering minds with one common question. Why is Indian media so leftist so liberalist and so negative about its own Nation.

We have almost lost all the ethics of Indian Media , the news that are covered ,edited and the outcome that reaches us has made us to think . Aren’t we getting too negative about our own Nation, our own Cities, our own People, aren’t we getting too Communal! Have we actually forgotten humanity? Or Is TRP the only aim of Indian Media.

You will be shocked to know about the Ownerships of Indian Media agencies !  The root cause lies in the Ownerships of Indian media ,which is mostly owned by foreigners. YES by foreigners!

Why do you think our so called secular Indian Media are anti Hindu! But favours hypocritical Congress, Muslims, Christian’s missionaries and Marxists.

The Video by DR Anuj Shrivastav consultant Cardiologist clearly shows the ugly truth of Indian Media.  A perfect example given by DR Anuj Shrivastav – Our Ex President late DR A.P.J Abdul Kalam wrote about the positive side of Israel media. he wrote Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why?

Look at Dr. Sudarshan , he has transferred the tribal village into a self-sustaining, self-driving unit. There are millions of such achievements but our media is only obsessed in the bad news and failures and disasters.

DR APJ Abdul Kalam gave an example about Israel media stating. I was in Tel Aviv once and I was reading the Israeli newspaper. It was the day after a lot of attacks and bombardments and deaths had taken place. The Hamas had struck. But the front page of the newspaper had the picture of a Jewish gentleman who in five years had transformed his desert into an orchid and a granary. It was this inspiring picture that everyone woke up to. The gory details of killings, bombardments, deaths, were inside in the newspaper, buried among other news.

Let’s look at the reality here.


NDTV a Popular news channel funded by Gospel of charity in spain ,which supports communists. NDTV developed a soft corner for Pakistan , as Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain allowed NDTV , the only channel to be aired in Pakistan. This is the reason why Burkha Dutt has a special place in her heart for Pakistan.

Gujarat riots which took place in 2002 where Hindus were burnt alive , Rajdeep Sardesai and Burkha Dutt were working for NDTV and got paid 5 million dollars from Saudi Arabia to cover only Muslim victims. Not even one Hindu family was shown who lost their loved ones.

Rajdeep sardesai and Burkha haseeb dutt misinterpreted misquoted Gujarat riots, which in turn further worsened Hindu Muslim relations. Propagandi Burkha Dutt who always thought of herself as right and the rest of the world as waste, had compromised on security of troops during Mumbai attacks by giving away their locations live. NDTV covered the Mumbai terror attacks live which should have been kept a secret , it almost helped terrorists to kill more people in the Mumbai attacks. While some bloggers tried objecting to this act , they were shut down by threats.

NDTV who often publishes anti BJP & RSS news is believed to be linked with Indian national congress . It is also funded by Christian missionary organization .


 INDIA TODAY which used to be the only national weekly which supported BJP has been taken over by NDTV , since then it has turned into anti Hindu anti BJP.


CNN IBN (it takes everything ) has branches all over the world with Head quarters in the USA is 100% funded by Southern Baptist church, in India it was headed  by Rajdeep sardesai and Sagarika ghose who resigned in 2014. Their annual expenditure on promotion is 800 million $.


Times group is owned by Bennet & Coleman.”World Christian Council” does 80% of the funding, and an Englishman and an Italian equally share balance of 20% .  Italian Robertio Mindo who has 10% stake in Times Group is a close relative of ANTONIO MIONO alias SONIA GANDHI.


Star tv is run by an Australian, who is supported by St.Peters Pontificial Church Melbourn. Rupert Murdoch is an international media magnate who has his presence in India through STAR Plus, they can go to any extent to gain TRP’s.



Hindustan times owned by Aditya birla group , but hands have changed since shobhana bhartiya took over. Presently it is working in collaboration with Times Group.

No wonder Kalmadi and A.Raja made big bucks under congress rule, while Vinod sharma senior journalist and political editor of hindustan times was busy defending them.


The Hindu English daily, started over 125 years & has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne , Switzerland . N. Ram’s wife is a Swiss national.

Ram’s first wife Susan was an English woman who came to India as a research student. Like Ram, she was (and remains) an atheist with a Leftist perspective on politics


Divided into two groups. The Indian Express and new Indian Express (southern edition) ACTS Christian Ministries have major stake in the Indian Express and latter is still with the Indian counterpart.


Andhra jyoti ,The Muslim party of Hyderabad known as MIM along with a Congress Minister has purchased this Telugu daily very recently. Controlled by communist party of India .


Kairali tv is controlled by Communist party of India (Marxist).


Mathrubhumi Leaders of Muslim League and Communist leaders have major investment

Ownerships explain the control on Indian Media !

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  1. Blind bhakts writing crap articles without facts. He forget that timesnow editor Arnab is modibhakt his mother is BJP MLA and Uncle is BJP leader of state and he was paid in money and in kind (z security on tax payer money). Zee news of sudhir Chandra is BJP front media house and he is rewarded with parliament ticket for it. Their lies are exposed always. It is the zee news who reported that RSS is funded by ISI (If anybody wants to verify I will send them the zee news article that stated this). ABP news is owned by Ambanis that too run paid news is BJP. However for all the crap written in article above by blind bhakts can never produce any evidence for its claim. Pity on him.

  2. Burkha Dutt should be called Burka Dutt. She is so transparently anti-Hindu and anti-Indian.
    The people should break such media by switching these channels off.
    Government should introduce legislation to control such corruption.
    And people who issue threats and gaye as should be dealt with.