Mohammad kaif’s troll bug bites Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal

Trolling is the new trend on twitter and almost everyone gets trolled.Although controversial celebrities and politicians are highly trolled due to their tweets & goofups.

Delhi’s CM Arvind kejriwal seems to be the most favourite personality for all trollers on twitter 😉

As we all are now aware of how Delhi’s CM Arvind kejriwal blames our Prime Minister Narendra modi for everything that happens in his life.
Arvind kejriwal gets trolled the moment he comments on our PM Narendra modi.

He not only gets trolled for his wrong tweets, but also gets reminded of the unfulfilled promises he made during the
Elections in Delhi.

Arvind kejriwal gets spared by none.He got trolled by the Indian Cricketer Mohamaad Kaif who recently gave a befitting reply to those radicals on twitter who protested against mohamaad kaif’s surya namaskar images stating it as un-islamic.

Mohammad kaif seems to be a new but a brilliant student of IIT twitter (indian institute of trollers)

Mohammad kaif posted a tweet stating Q & A session
Ask your questions .

To which he received a question from Delhi’s CM Arvind kejriwal, No that wasn’t the actual Arvind kejriwal though , it was @trollkejri an ID created to troll Arvind kejriwal.

Mohammad kaif with his active troll bug & a great sense of humour gave an apt reply for the question