Know how PM Modi turned a scrap document to the most significant one : Aadhaar Card

I wonder how many of us know that BJP had once opposed the idea of Aadhaar card , as according to them it violated the privacy of an individual. Neither was the card approved in the parliament.

The reality is that the National Identification Authority of India Bill, 2010, which gives sanction to this particular card was rejected by the standing committee on Finance,” BJP Vice President Smriti Irani said, alleging that the programme violates the constitutional right to privacy.

Smriti Irani further stated that collecting biometric data violated the constitutional right to privacy. Questioning the Aadhaar card scheme BJP argued that Aadhaar card facility was being provided to the people who were not the citizens of India.

BJP also alleged that illegal immigrants had an easy access to Aadhaar card. Smriti Irani mentioned , as Aadhaar card being the most vital project for the government, BJP considered waiting until it got an approval from the supreme court .

Anyone who wants e-governance, will support a way to uniquely identify a person , whether be it Aadhaar or something else.
When in opposition, BJP did what it does best – oppose everything Just like any other opposition party would do.

There were lot of discussions & debates on whether to make Aadhaar mandatory / Link biometric data to it / was it right to give away all our information to the government to which some people commented – Government already has our information the moment we provide our birth certificate our passport details, ration card to which the reply was- Does that mean we should give them more and more information? Here, take my fingerprints. But wait, also take my iris scan, I heard you’re working with Microsoft on webcam based iris detection. Looking forward to that convenience! Which was again countered – Fingerprints and dental records are pretty standard as unique identification globally.

Now many of you would be wondering BJP who opposed the idea of Aadhaar card linked with biometric data and provision to non resident Indian’s suddenly supported Aadhaar and made it mandatory when it came to power. It wasn’t the BJP who was behind this decision; it was our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi , this occurred in July when UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani pitched it to PM Narendra Modi within few weeks of narendra modi coming to power. Just after their meeting Aadhaar card got a green signal and rest is a history known to all. Although we Appreciate the fact that when PM Narendra Modi’s entire cabinet was hell bent to scrap Aadhaar or merge it with NPR to slow down and ultimately scrap, Modi stood with Aadhaar after realizing its benefit to common man and role it can play for future development of India.